In 2012, I started as a place that I could share music I listened to, fashion I liked and sports news of teams I followed.

If you told me that, five years later, it would become a portfolio to house my music and compositions – I wouldn't believe you.

I live with one mentality – life always works out. Maybe not always in the ways you want - but I believe that life shows you the way and it's just your duty to follow it.

I’ve been blessed with incredibly supportive family, friends and internet strangers that motivate me on my own personal journey.

I have always been a fan of music growing up. I played the drums for a few years, and messed around on the keys sometimes. But I truly fell in love with music production and composition after meeting (my now good friend, and mentor) T Minus. I met him out of sheer coincidence - but I like to chop it up as, "life showing me the way".

I've dedicated myself to the craft of production and have loved every moment of it. I’ve been able to connect and work alongside unbelievably talented artists, musicians, writers and creatives. The funny thing is – the story all starts with this website, so, in a way this website is my audiobiography. 

I’ve had the opportunity to accomplish so much - but as a perfectionist, with an insatiable drive for greatness - I still have so far to go. But it's all about progression, growth, and enjoying the ride.

I went from making beats in my basement, to Apple Beats1 Radio. I went from looking up to artists and producers, to sitting with them in the studio. Neither of which could have been accomplished without you taking the time to listen to my production.

I truly appreciate every single listen, like, share, and e-mail I get from you. It’s still all so surreal to me. Just know that I'm incredibly greatful for it. 

To all those who have rocked with me, from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for listening. There's more to come. I promise you that.