This beat has a pretty crazy story. A few years ago I was hanging out with T Minus and we had started a beat with this Sampha "Demons" sample. He sent the flp to me, and I sat on it for literally 3 years before attempting to do anything with it. I flipped the sample, and added some boom-bap style drums. Everything turned out really dope with this song, and Derin killed it as usual. You can find the song on Apple Music and Spotify

I found this crazy bell sample in a random drumpack and just kind of ran with it. The switchup at the end just happened by accident when I duplicated the bell sound. It works though! Shiwan did his thing on this! 

I stumbled on the song "All In" by Jay Prince and just fell in love with Raheavens voice. I chopped it and added some hard drums over top. No stress!

Surprisingly enough this beat is 2 years old. I remember making this beat because I was in the studio with Kenza Samir - one of the most talented songwriters I've ever met. I was messing around on the piano and tracked out the chords and revisited it a few years later. Just so happened I had this vocal sample from James Blake open, and it worked PERFECTLY. Some more chill vibes on this one. 

Shout outs to Daniel East (@DNYLEST) for the sample. That guys a genius. He sent me a pack of samples and I heard this and immediately knew what I wanted to do with it sonically. 

I posted this beat on SoundCloud one week. And a few days later I had an e-mail inbox from David Monroe - this kid from Luton in the UK. I'm usually pretty apprehensive when opening music from SoundCloud artists - but I couldn't believe my ears after listening to the rough draft of this song. GHD came through with the switch-up and Kaine did his things with the verses on it. The internet is a beautiful thing I guess. From Toronto, to Luton to Houston... Tsunami flow. 

I was scrolling through Apple Music one night and "West" by River Tiber and Daniel Caeser popped up. I got to the midsection of the song when they were harmonizing and it was literally magic... I jumped right into FL and made this beat in like 30 minutes. Derin was texting me at the time because he was out in NYC. I flipped this over to him and knew he was up to something because he stopped replying to my messages. An hour or two later he asked me for the stems and the rest is history. This song got picked up by Beats1 Radio and Ebro played it for the masses. That was a cool moment for me. I'm flowing west.

I found the vocal sample in the song "Tension" by gianni & kyle. I threw some keys overtop of it and gave it some bounce. I love the little break that I did in the middle. I was hyped making this.

I met KB through Vince Ryouta who I've worked with for about a year. I think he hit me up through twitter or SoundCloud and he sent me a rough version of this song. The original beat was called "Juice"... you'll know why after listening to the song.